Baumer hhs Participates In Numerous Trade Fairs Around the World Each Year, Underlining Its Close Connection with Customers

Baumer hhs Participates In Numerous Trade Fairs Around the World Each Year, Underlining Its Close Connection with Customers

February 15, 2023 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Baumer hhs exhibited its newest solutions for industrial gluing and quality assurance in packaging production at over 30 trade fairs and events worldwide in 2022. Continuing at this pace, the company will be appearing at numerous international events this year.

“Packaging manufacturers across the globe are familiar with Baumer hhs as an innovative equipment supplier who responds in a special way to their individual needs in adhesive application and quality assurance – and develops solutions for them that optimally meet their requirements. Attending selected events around the world underlines this close connection with customers,” says Metin Tek, Head of Sales at Baumer hhs. “Our exhibits are also tailored to the specific needs of the regions in which these events take place, and visitors to our trade fair booths can meet with experts who speak their language – that, too, is a sign of a strong customer connection.”

In 2023, Baumer hhs will be showcasing its latest solutions for gluing and quality assurance in packaging production at events such as PAMEX (27 – 30 March, Mumbai/India), Interpack (4 – 10 May, Düsseldorf/Germany) and WEPACK (14 – 16 July, Shanghai/China). In 2022, the company participated in the following among others: PRINTPACK in India, ECMA in Poland, PRINTING United Expo in the USA, World Tobacco Middle East in Dubai, MOROCCO SIEMA EXPO in Morocco and FachPack in Germany.

Since inventing non-contact adhesive application in the late 1980s, Baumer hhs has remained true to its role as a pioneer of the industry. This is one main reason why its booths have generated high visitor traffic ever since then, and the company has steadily expanded its global presence at trade fairs. Milestones along the way included market introduction of multi-application heads in 1990, presentation of infrared sensors for glue detection just one year later and ongoing development of the Xtend controllers in recent years. Today, the Xtend controllers offer uniquely intuitive operation. Recent highlights include the new high-performance PX 1000 cold glue application head and the dot box kit, launched in 2022, with which packaging manufacturers can reduce glue consumption and CO2 emissions by up to 50% in hot melt applications.

Baumer hhs continued its history of pioneering innovations in early 2023 by introducing the Side Seam Gluing Solution. It revolutionizes the process of gluing straight-line boxes by applying the adhesive from below. Packaging manufacturers who convert their folder gluers from the previously standard glue wheel to the new Side Seam Gluing Solution reap significant economic and ecological benefits, including perfect gluing, with millimetre accuracy, right to the edge of a glue flap, simple operation and set-up, as well as significant reductions in adhesive consumption. The Side Seam Gluing Solution will play a central role for Baumer hhs at this year’s trade fairs, alongside other new products.

Baumer hhs, with all its innovations, keeps pushing beyond the boundaries of traditional industrial gluing and quality assurance – giving its customers new possibilities to proactively meet market demands by improving productivity, quality, flexibility, cost efficiency and sustainability. “We traditionally work very closely with customers all over the word to develop our innovative solutions. Because we exhibit at key industry trade fairs, our experts have multiple opportunities to talk in depth with local market participants about the latest demands they face in adhesive application and quality assurance in packaging production. The things our experts learn from these exchanges flow directly into our research and development activities,” explains Metin Tek.