HP introduces HP PageWide C550 Press for Corrugated Packaging

February 15, 2023 Off By Sebastian Reisig

The new 90 lm/min post-print press will help converters to optimize the cost of manufacturing flexo and litho boxes, as well as gain operational efficiency.

HP launches its newest high-speed, post-print digital corrugated press, the HP PageWide C550 Press. This advanced single-pass platform is designed to help converters optimize manufacturing costs and improve operational efficiency for the production of corrugated packaging.

Based on the award-winning, field-proven technology of the C500 press, the C550 offers enhanced productivity and value to the industrial packaging industry. It uses HP’s Thermal Inkjet technology and true water-based inks to deliver consistent offset print quality at fast production speeds, while also supporting packaging converters’ circular economy goals.

With a speed of 90 linear meters per minute (295 linear feet per minute), the C550 press is capable of producing high-quality flexo and litho boxes at a constant speed, without slowing. It will also help converters to optimize inventories, reduce obsolescence, and accelerate turnaround times through digital printing technology.

By enabling improved economics, greater production versatility and more sustainable packaging solutions, the C550 press presents a significant opportunity for business growth for converters facing increasing supply chain pressure. It allows them to say ‘yes’ to jobs that require flexibility, which can only be achieved with digital production.

“HP is continuing its investment in the packaging market to create new opportunities for packaging converters and brands to benefit from the analog to digital transformation,” said David Tomer, GM of HP Post-print corrugated solutions. “We are very excited to deliver the C550 press to the corrugated industry. It is built on the field-proven success of the C500 press and allows converters to economically produce flexo and litho boxes at high speeds without slowing down the press. We are constantly working on innovative solutions that not only improve post-print stability and productivity for converters, but also meet the quality and flexibility demands of brands for packaging.”