Savco Utilizes Digitally Printed Solution

Savco Utilizes Digitally Printed Solution

July 3, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Savco, a fast-growing distributor of fresh produce in Canada and the US, will speed farm-to-store delivery of its H2O Melon watermelon brand this season using giant, digitally printed corrugated bins, a new packaging application produced on HP technology.

The octagonal bins, measuring 40 x 48 inches with a capacity of up to 700 lbs of produce, were designed for Savco by Georgia-Pacific’s Hummingbird™ digital print solutions provider for production on its 110-inch wide web HP PageWide digital corrugated press. Savco orders are printed with fast turnaround, with Hummingbird shipping the packaging directly to the farmers.  

“The growing or buying seasons for some produce can be just a few weeks,” says Sav Tsoukalas, President, Savco Worldwide, Inc. “The HP PageWide digital printing solution gives agility to provide up-to-date packaging quickly to farms for shipping to consumer outlets.”

This season’s first H20 Melons are now shipping to major wholesale retail stores in the U.S. and Canada.