New technical comittee under Italian chairmanship

New technical comittee under Italian chairmanship

August 29, 2018 Off By Sebastian Reisig

The new committee will be responsible for drawing up international standards for packaging plant and machinery. Andrea Malagoli, Vice Chairman of UCIMA, has been appointed Chairman.

Ucima and the global packaging machinery industry are at the centre of a major new development in the field of international technical standards.

In April this year, the ISO (International Organization for Standardization) approved the proposal from Italy to set up ISO/TC 313 Packaging Machinery, a new international technical committee that will be responsible for drawing up standards for packaging plant and machinery with particular reference to aspects of safety, design and efficiency.

This decision further confirms the leadership of Italian packaging machinery manufacturers, an industry that generates 80% of its revenues from exports and controls a very large share of the global market. As the architect and promoter of the new Technical Committee, Italy has been assigned the international secretariat for regulatory work involving all countries that are major producers or users of packaging technology. 

Andrea Malagoli, CEO of IMA, has been appointed Chairman of ISO/TC 313 Packaging Machinery after being nominated by the Board of Ucima, of which he is Vice Chairman.

Born in 1965, Malagoli has a degree in Economics and Commerce from the University of Modena and is a member of the Vacchi family, the majority shareholder of the IMA Group. He began working for the Group in 1990 and today holds prestigious positions in numerous group companies and plays an active role in internationalisation processes.