Uflex builds new flexible packaging plant

August 29, 2018 Off By Sebastian Reisig

With the patent period for flexible liquid packaging ending, Indian packaging major Uflex Limited has commissioned its first liquid packaging facility at Sanand for an investment of Rs 5.8 billion.

With an annual production capacity of seven billion packs from Sanand, Uflex has commenced talks with major soft drink, juice and other FMCG players for supply. Already, Delhi-based Bankey Bihari Foods’ Fresca brand of juices has started using the holographic packaging from this month.

Apparently, leading global packaging player Tetra Pak held the patent, which expired recently, paving the way for Uflex to foray into the segment.

“We already package powder, semi-liquid (viscous), solids, semi-solids but not liquids so far. With Sanand, we have ventured into flexible liquid packaging. We waited for patent period to get over and this was the right time to enter. However, we have also brought in innovation in form of asepto holographic packaging,” said Ashwani Kumar Sharma, president & CEO (new business initiatives), Uflex Ltd.

While the overall capacity at the Sanand facility is that of seven billion packs per annum, the company can currently produce 3.5 billion. To achieve full capacity utilisation of seven billion packs per annum, the company intends to add one more printing line in the near future.