Smag is expanding

February 20, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

“Late last year, SMAG Graphique started operations in Canada and
Colombia in order to provide commercial & technical support services to
our customers in the Americas Markets”
The two newly set-up Commercial & Technical Support Centres are
managed by Mr. Sandro CARDOCH – the company’s responsible for the
Americas Market – who’s goal for these operations is to make faster
connections with new prospect customers and enable existing SMAG’s
clients easy access to receive the fastest possible response for their
customer service and technical support needs.
Having the same time-zones as our customers in the Americas is a big
priority for SMAG, as we anticipate for customers to have easier access
to the company, faster responses and closer communication. The
satellite office in Canada will offer support to the customers in the North
America Market, meanwhile the satellite office in Colombia will take
care of the Latin American Market.
As a French Manufacturing company, a big part of the SMAG
Graphique’s motto is to have a one on one communication with our
clients, as we believe is not only good for business but excellent for
customer satisfaction. SMAG strives to offer clients top notch customer
service and with the opening of the two satellites offices, SMAG
anticipates will do just that.