Valco Melton Celebrates 70 Years of Business

April 13, 2022 Off By Sebastian Reisig

70 years ago, in 1952, Valco Cincinnati established itself as a prominent adhesive dispensing systems manufacturer. Renamed Valco Melton in 2008, the Valco Cincinnati, Inc. Gluing and Quality Assurance Systems Business, has since become one of the world’s leading manufacturers of adhesive dispensing and quality inspection equipment.  

 Across its suite of services, Valco Melton leverages best-in-class technology, innovation, and solutions to drive increased value for its customers. Today, Valco Melton celebrates its longevity, growth, and success supporting adhesive applications and quality assurance across 12 industries for the past seven decades.  

  70 years of success 

 Starting as one company with only 50 employees, Valco Melton’s brand and technical service now expands across 96 countries and employs a workforce of nearly 600 people worldwide. To better serve its customers over the years, Valco Melton has acquired related businesses to expand its profile including: 

  • 2001 acquisition of Van Sales Corporation – VanSco Products.  
  • 2006 acquisition of Melton, a hot melt equipment manufacturer in Spain – Corporate name changes to Valco Melton.  
  • 2011 acquisition of ClearVision – a Canadian company dedicated to quality assurance systems.  
  • 2014 acquisition of GMS who specializes in the converting and graphic arts industries.  
  • 2015 VanSco and GMS consolidate.  
  • 2016 acquisition of ERO who specializes in gluing and quality assurance for the paper converting industries.  

“For us, the customer always comes first,” says Valco Melton CEO, Greg Amend. “Everything we do from product development to acquisitions to service; we do with our customer’s best interest in mind. We go above and beyond to provide our customers with a solution that fits their needs while maintaining the utmost quality and customer support.”  

 Valco Melton looks forward to applying innovation and sealing the future for its customers for years to come.