Upcoming Koenig & Bauer-Flexotecnica EVO XD Eight-Color Press Becomes Cornerstone at PAK Solutions

Upcoming Koenig & Bauer-Flexotecnica EVO XD Eight-Color Press Becomes Cornerstone at PAK Solutions

September 18, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Pak Solutions LLC, continues its investment in new emerging technology to support its rapid growth in the flourishing and dynamic flexible packaging market. Pak, having recently substantially modernized its Lancaster NH based facility along with five new converting lines and with additional lines on order, is now excited to announce the upcoming arrival of a new Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica EVO XD eight-color press. Due to arrive this fall, its unrivaled performance will give PAK Solutions all of the tools and resources it needs to grow into new diverse markets. Its faster printing speeds, quicker changeovers, better quality control and process print capabilities will provide greater efficiency and productivity along with a higher competitive advantage.

“Our team is bringing world-class operating standards, the best in new technology, and a passion for making a difference to this flexo packaging manufacturer,” says Kevin Powers, President/CEO of Pak Solutions. “This business has built an iconic reputation within the security bag industry for 25 years. In the past two years, we’ve continued to make important investments that will make it even more competitive in the multi-billion dollar plastic packaging industry. We are continuing to diversify and expand our product line to other uses packaging solutions for food and medical applications. We’ll have an edge on larger competitors due to our willingness to fill custom orders, product innovation, and an ability to deliver products much faster than others.”

PAK’s press operators are eager to begin putting into production the new Flexotecnica EVO XD. “The new Koenig & Bauer Flexotecnica is an amazing opportunity for our business,” says Ron Demers, Pak’s maintenance manager. “It will give us more color, especially process color ability, from a six-color model to our new eight-color model. The turnaround will be so fast that we’ll have extra capacity for more printed products. We’re predicting that we’ll go from our current two-hour changeover to under 10 minutes for a full eight-color job. It will allow us to expand and diversify. It is a more modern automated motorized press that will double the speed that we currently have. Its high level of automation includes optical error detection and 100% web inspection night and day, automated viscosity control, auto washup, auto impression setting, servo control, memory of all-important job settings, automatic splicing, and automatic tension control. It will be a huge advantage for our business.”

The firm’s current Flexotecnica press, which was installed in 1995, has been a bedrock of the business providing it with the constant manufacture of secure cash bags constructed of printed polyethylene. “We’ve developed an outstanding relationship with Koenig & Bauer,” says Demers. “We’ve formed a solid trustworthy partnership in which their personnel have responded quickly to our needs and become a key partner.”

Patrick Judge, senior operations manager, Pak Solutions, LLC, agrees: “We’ve had a great experience with our current Flexotecnica press. Its high quality, and reliability were the reasons why we chose to stay with Flexotecnica, and this was solidified when Koenig & Bauer purchased the company. Our support from Koenig & Bauer has been excellent and our relationship has grown even stronger.”

PAK Solution’s modern 55,000 sq ft complex in Lancaster, NH sits near the Canadian border in mountainous ski country, near historic Mt. Washington and along the Maine border. Known as the North Country, its workforce brings a particular brand of ingenuity and a hard work ethic. The firm prides itself on offering distinct solutions to its customer base, providing competitive pricing, storage space for client printed product, and quick production and shipping. The firm has an on-site graphic designer to help with customized artwork and employs a staff of workers who are proud to produce “Made in the USA” flexible packaging.

In the past year, PAK’s management team has made significant capital investments adding five new high-speed bag converting lines to its production set up which has diversified its product range, and increased output as well as significantly decreased its percentage of waste in production. 

Last year, the firm was recognized as one of five New Hampshire companies and was named as a finalist in the 2018 New Hampshire Tech Alliance Product of the Year (POY) Award competition. Pak Solutions entered its custom full sensory e-Commerce Mailer, a package used to ship e-commerce products to the consumer. The bags contain a fragrance that is only released when the bag is opened and the amount of scent can be adjusted to the client’s specifications and goals.