THIMM pack’n’display packages and displays goods

April 3, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

THIMM Verpackung and THIMM Display are merging into the new brand THIMM pack’n’display. In this new brand the two business divisions are creating a unique technology mix in the industry. The THIMM pack’n’display brand will open totally new worlds for our customers.

From its name alone, the new brand THIMM pack’n’display describes its function: THIMM pack’n’display packages, transports and displays goods. Through the brand merger customers will benefit from the joint sales function and a single point of contact. Innovations, competencies and investments in both business divisions will now be concentrated into one brand. In the packaging sector flexo preprint and flexo direct printing are often used, whereas in the display sector offset printing is frequently used. Digital printing combines both these worlds. All these printing technologies will be pooled in the new brand THIMM pack’n’display. Furthermore, the brand combines standardised processes from the packaging plants with complex and customised competencies of our display locations. Therefore, the new brand THIMM pack’n’display translates into simplicity and convenience for our customers.

The solution that a customer seeks is always the best solution. The brand claim “FREE TO BE YOUR BEST” includes the benefit and transmits the brand promise, since the basis for an optimum customer solution is our freedom to procure raw materials in the market. THIMM pack’n’display uses its freedom to procure all the raw materials that we need for the best customer solution. This means that customers will not just obtain any solution through the new brand, but the best solution.