The marbanick|2+ von Marbach

December 21, 2022 Off By Sebastian Reisig

The global materials distributor Marbach Die Supplies has a large number of handheld devices in its portfolio. One that is small, but all the more clever for that, is the marbanick|2+.
With it, defined nicks can be quickly and easily inserted into cutting rules.
André Angermeir, General Sales Manager Marbach Die Supplies & Automation: “With the marbanick|2+ it is child’s play to insert waste nicks directly at the die-cutting machine with one hand. The nick created with in this way is not only clean, but can also be impacted with the correct strength and in a reproducible manner.”
The marbanick|2+ not only has 3 different grid levels that allow the hard metal wedge to exert different forces. The hand tool also comes with several wedges in different thicknesses between 0.3 mm and 0.6 mm – and also includes a quick-change system. Depending on the requirements and the material to be die-cut, up to 12 reproducible nick sizes can thus be created. And all of this is very fast, simple and flexible.
Angermeir continues, “The various grid levels mean that nicks can be set at different depths.
The marbanick|2+ is quick and easy to use because the wedges can be changed in just a few seconds. The one-handed handling makes it efficient for the user. Many customers around the world use the marbanick|2+ every day. This makes it one of our top sellers in our handheld portfolio.”