SQL by Uteco Group

SQL by Uteco Group

June 12, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Uteco Group, in the wake of the U.D.A.A. (Uteco Data Acquisition and Analysis system) a project successfully presented in Drupa 2016 destined from the beginning to be implemented and customized,is now happy to officially present the SQL by Uteco interface.

Following the many requests for applications of interfaces connected between the various management systems in view of Industry 4.0, this new and further DBMS is now available, that is a database managing system that uses the S.Q.L. (Structured Query Language) allows not only data acquisition but a real exchange, an IN & OUT of machine production data or the most complete integration of a machine to its management systems.

In 2018 20 softwares have already been installed and 3 of them to  well- known Italian companies; a positive comment on the functions of the software was given by Plastotecnica Spa, the Italian leader in flexible packaging that has implemented ‘interconnection between the Uteco Diamond plants and the ERP management system to optimize the performance of the production system in terms of response times, quality and cost-effectiveness of the process.

The idea of ​​customizing this software, which allows you to communicate with the machine directly through a dedicated PLC and to collect, analyze and send data directly into production at the machine and vice versa, was the right intuition of Mr. Davide Valbusa, who has been following the development of the software programs integrated on all Uteco machines and declares: “Using current technologies, we have managed to interpret and satisfy the needs of our customers”.

SQL could be installed not only on last generation machines but as UPGRADE to all our machines : everyone can take advantage of this great implementation.

Collect REAL TIME information directly “on the field”, by a direct and never interrupted line to be processed and enhanced: this is the new SQL interface, a PLUS that allows you to be EXTRA.