Premier Paper Carbon Capture scheme hits £1m

December 4, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Since its inception in 2008 Premier Paper’s Carbon Capture initiative has raised more than £1m for the Woodland Trust, with more than 530 customers now signed up.

The scheme was designed to give customers the option of mitigating their CO2 emissions by purchasing products that donate part of their cost to the Woodland Trust in order to plant native woodland saplings across the UK.

The carbon capture charge is £8.50 per tonne equivalent to 2p per ream of A4 80gsm or 12p per ream of SRA2 100gsm, 100% of which goes to the Woodland Trust.

The £1m mark was passed this month and over its 11-year lifetime the programme has resulted in the planting of 240,000 native trees, created more than 1.5sqkm of new native British woodland and captured 60,000 tonnes of CO2.