New website and internationalisation plans for 2018

New website and internationalisation plans for 2018

May 2, 2018 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Some of you have already noticed that Flexible Packaging Technology has a new website. With the new website we hope to have fixed some issues and drawbacks related with the already 3 year old website in order to improve your experience as a reader.

You will notice that we have merged our 4 previous websites into one information powerhouse. The new website has a sleek, clear and more lucid design and is therefore much more reader friendly as the old one. Furthermore it is 100% mobile friendly. Merging 4 websites to one will also show benefits in regards of SEO as soon as the Google algorithm gets wind of it. All in all this shall increase the attention the website and therefore your information s and advertisement gets. In the next some days we will also upload more articles to the new website.

Please let us know what you think about the new website and where we can improve it?

I already informed some of you that Flexible Packaging has plans to further internationalise its footprint, which will happen in the foreseeable future. As of end of June I will spend about 9 months in Latin America in order to improve my language skills and to learn more about the local market. In the end this will result in the launch of a spanish speaking portal (hopefully before the K 2019), and more news from this striving and diversified market.

Before I take off to Latin America you have the chance to meet me at the Print4All expo in Milan. If you need to see me before I leave Europe, please dont hesitate to contact me.