New Celmacch Chroma EVO for DS Smith (Toscana Ondulati)

New Celmacch Chroma EVO for DS Smith (Toscana Ondulati)

October 8, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Toscana Ondulati (Ds Smith Group) has installed a flexo printer Chroma EVO in its Perignano plant to feed its existing new flatbed die cutter Bobst Mastercut 1.7 

Toscana Ondulati has been part of the multinational DS Smith since 1996, while maintaining its historic well-known name on the market.  The company has two production plants, one in Marlia (Lu) and a second one built in 2002 in Perignano; Toscana Ondulati is an integrated production site equipped with state-of-the-art equipment necessary to fulfil any corrugated packaging and packaging supply needs. Its corrugator produces 90% of the sheets for satisfying the internal production needs and the rest is produced for the other plant of the group. DS Smith Perignano produces over 100 million m2 of cardboard and its annual turnover accounts to approx. € 45 million.

The core business is the production and conversion of micro flute for the food sector, from the takeaway pizza boxes to large triple wall packaging for various industrial sectors. As for the food sector, Perignano plant was the first in Italy to obtain the BRC Certification to ensure the highest level of food safety standards across the supply chain. All the machineries are constantly updated and, in addition to the corrugator, this plant benefits of 8 complete converting lines; the philosophy of Toscana Ondulati has always been to produce everything in-line due to the huge volumes produced, operating in this way brings obvious advantages as regards quality and the efficiency. In this case, as already happened for other installations, the printer Chroma EVO supplied by Celmacch has completed the line with a die-cutter supplied and installed by the producer BOBST, which has installed this Mastercut a few months before the arrival of the Celmacch printer.

The new Celmacch flexo machine, a 5-color Chroma EVO 1700, has been purchased to replace an old machine with technology from the 1980s, which in terms of quality and safety no longer met DS Smith requirements. This is for DS Smith Toscana Ondulati the first flexo printer, but not for the DS Smith Group, which in its factories all over Europe had already chosen Celmacch technology, precisely for the references collected in our company and for the excellent printing results carried out in the various tests and during visits to other production facilities. Installation and start-up phase were extremely quick, also thanks to the intuitive and user-friendly technology. The machine offers a maximum format of 1700 mm in width and 1300 mm in sheet length.

Again, Celmacch represents a winning choice for companies looking for a flexographic machine for in-line configuration with a latest generation automatic die-cutting machine.

Celmacch offers a wide range of printing solutions, in-line or off-line and rotary die cutters: Chroma EVO is the intermediate model, in fact the top of the range is called Chroma High Tech, while the entry level version is called Chroma Compact”. The machine chosen by Toscana Ondulati consists of a latest generation direct drive Siemens feeder with high precision belts. The transport of the sheet is guaranteed by vacuum technology specifically designed to guarantee maximum adherence and printing precision, in order to obtain a register tolerance of ± 0.2 mm between the different colours. Thanks to the HBL configuration, the operator benefits from perfect ergonomics to perform all work change operations with maximum efficiency and safety. Maximum attention has been paid to all the technologies that guarantee a quick job changeover: the printing cylinder is equipped with a Matthews fastening system with pneumatic tensioning system. The inking system is equipped with a carbon chambered doctor blade system, also developed by Celmacch, a peristaltic pump for ink injection and a pneumatic return pump. The machine also features a new system developed by Celmacch for daily anilox cleaning consisting of a bar equipped with high-pressure nozzles which ensures periodic and homogeneous cleaning of the anilox, in order to improve and prevent problems of poor maintenance of anilox rollers. Chroma EVO, thanks to the vacuum transfer, guarantees perfect operation in-line with die-cutters of any manufacturers, as in this case, a new Bobst Mastercut 1.7.