New Ashland Aroset 2100 pressure sensitive adhesive

New Ashland Aroset 2100 pressure sensitive adhesive

May 9, 2018 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Ashland announces the development of a new high-performance solution acrylic pressure sensitive adhesive (PSA), Aroset 2100 PSA. Ashland will launch Aroset 2100 PSA at the Pressure Sensitive Tape Council Tape Summit 2018, which will be held in Minneapolis, MN on May 7-11, 2018.

This coater-ready and self-crosslinking PSA enables pressure sensitive tape converters to manufacture tapes that combine very high adhesion from polar surfaces with exceptional cohesion under a broad variety of challenging conditions. This adhesive was developed to provide specialty tape and label manufacturers with the capability to manufacture extremely robust tapes for performance design spaces that were previously not available to solvent-based acrylic PSAs.

Key Aroset 2100 PSA attributes include

• class leading room and high temperature shear, including greater than 500 hours of shear dwell time at 200 °F (½” X ½” x 1 kg test configuration)

• outstanding solvent resistance, including oil and fuel immersion of bonded surfaces

• excellent adhesion to polar surfaces, including polyurethane

• high degree of optical clarity

• good loop and probe tack

Aroset™ 2100 PSA enables solvent-borne PSA tape and label manufacturers and converters to compete at the highest levels of PSA adhesion and cohesion, with no capital investment when using their existing equipment. This capability can offer

• growth in value added applications

• higher performance tape construction customization and flexibility

o various thickness

o choice of liner and face stock

• a broad variety of transfer tapes and adhesive coated tape possibilities

According to Dr. Lars Kilian, Ashland’s Sr. Group Leader for PSA Product and Applications Development, “Our group developed Aroset 2100 PSA in response to the tape market’s need for an adhesive that provides exceptional resistance to very high heat, or challenging solvents, without compromising very strong bonding capability to a broad range of polar plastics and metals.”

“In addition to its extremely high bond strength, Aroset 2100 PSA has excellent resistance to various chemicals needed for applications in demanding or harsh environments,” stated Dr. Venkataramanan Seshadri, Ashland Research Scientist.