Neptun Tecofa installs Lamina line

Neptun Tecofa installs Lamina line

July 14, 2018 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Neptun Tecofa, based in Norway, produces a diverse range of tailor made packaging solutions, as well as binders. In recent years, the development and production of custom-made boxes has become a major part of the business and today accounts for 70% of packaging production. Every year it produces over four million units from its factory in Oslo.

“In 2016, we acquired a stake in an established production unit in Latvia and moved about 20% of our production there,” says CEO, Lasse Tjensvold. “This applies primarily to the production of boxes and some other products that require a lot of manual work.”

In February, the company installed a Lamina Gluer, GL 1400. “This is an additional machine for us, but with features that make it suitable for special gluing tasks in small and medium sized run lengths,” continues Tjensvold.

“The machine is designed in such way that it is easy to learn and easy to set-up,” says Packaging Designer, Morten Malmström. “We have discovered that the machine can be used for more gluing tasks than we believed at the beginning. The machine has two power lines that can glue independently of each other. It has four glue heads and is equipped with a tape dispenser for applying adhesive tape. We are surprised at how simple and easy-to-handle the Lamina Gluer is.”