merQbiz Introduces BaleVision, an Industry-First Quality Solution for Recovered Paper

August 8, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

merQbiz, a solutions and analytics provider for buyers and sellers in the recovered paper (RCP) industry, introduces BaleVision, providing companies actionable insights into their RCP quality. Combining a leading quality assessment tool with comprehensive data, BaleVision helps RCP buyers maximize supplier performance and sellers earn a fair price for their product.

Until now, the industry has had limited options for measuring RCP quality. Conventional measurement methodologies – such as ocular inspections and bale breaking – can be costly, labor intensive and highly subjective. Furthermore, any data collected is often unreliable and provides very little information for business decision-making and process optimization.

BaleVision overcomes these limitations with a device for effective quality measurement and a system for data analysis and visualization. The quality assessment tool analyzes the bale from the inside out, collecting detailed data on fiber content, moisture, plastic, ash and other bale contaminants. merQbiz has partnered with the manufacturer, PTS, to be the exclusive distributor of the device in North America.