Mark Andy Presents The Power of Hybrid Forum 2022

Mark Andy Presents The Power of Hybrid Forum 2022

May 4, 2022 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Mark Andy is pleased to invite its international customers to “The Power of Hybrid Forum 2022”. The two-day event will take place in the Mark Andy Europe’s Demo Center in Warsaw (Poland) on May 31st and then as a virtual event on and June 1st. The event will include live presentations of three label presses, with a focus on digital hybrid solutions and the benefits they bring: Production Optimization, a diverse range of job capabilities, and VDP printing. Mark Andy would like to invite you to register for both events on our website HERE.

“We’re very excited about an opportunity to invite our current and future customers for an in-house event, organized after a long break in our Warsaw-based demo center. We’ll be happy to host everyone interested in new solutions for digital hybrid and flexo printing.” – says Lena Chmielewska-Bontron, European Marketing Manager for Mark Andy. It will be a special celebration as we’re planning a two session Open House – May 31st in person and June 1st in a virtual format. We hope that our upcoming event will be an inspiration for all participants, delivering additional information and ideas for their business. Digital hybrid technology will be theme of this year’s event. We’ll present the opportunities it brings to printers, who are familiar with the traditional processes, and invite them to consider the benefits of adding digital hybrid to their production line and showcase the expanded range of solutions it can add to current business offerings. As a leading manufacturer of narrow-web printing presses and finishing equipment for label production, we understand this market and it’s constant changes as consumers needs change. We’re committed to support label printers worldwide in many ways. We offer solutions addressing their needs as well as share our long-term knowledge and experience in the label production market. The upcoming Open House relates well with the Mark Andy philosophy of being a Total Solutions Partner .

Following a short introduction, the visitors will take part in live demo sessions of three printing presses and new label production automation software– sMART Link. The first solution to be presented is Digital Series iQ, a modular, highly efficient press that is built on the Evolution Series E5 flexo platform. Digital Series iQ can be equipped with, or retrofit as needs change, with many inline finishing and embellishment options. One of them is a newly designed VDC-SR semi-rotary die cutter, more efficient than a traditional solution. Mark Andy also underlines comprehensiveness of the press as it opens new markets for its users, especially in terms of small runs and VDP. Digital Series iQ handles a wide range of substrates (incl. standard and pressure-sensitive papers and film, tags, and light carton), allowing for a wide range of capabilities for various applications. This solution is affordable as it’s devoted to companies with different budget options. It requires a relatively low initial capital investment and offers attractive TCO. Digital Series iQ prints with a speed of 50 mpm in high-quality mode and 70 mpm in high-speed mode. As Mark Andy identifies, it translates to 4 times faster printing production when comparing to a conventional off-line setup.

The second demo will feature the Digital Series HD, equipped with a Kurz Distorun embellishment module. As a “True Hybrid”, the press combines a digital inkjet engine with conventional modules for finishing and embellishment (e.g. foil stamping and die-cutting). It handles a wide range of substrates (up to 431 mm wide), incl. shrink sleeve. It can be individually configured according to customer’s needs. Kurz’s Distorun embellishment module brings significant savings in foil and can be used for security printing, e.g. with applying special holograms.

The final demo will focus on a toner-based digital hybrid press, The Digital Pro. It prints in CMYK mode with a speed up to 23,4 mpm and offers numerous additional equipment options, e.g. multifunctional flexo unit and two die-cutters: single or semi-rotary (devoted for inline label finishing). Digital Pro 3 handles different substrates, incl. vinyl and PVC.

Along with the three mentioned digital hybrid presses, Mark Andy will launch a completely new sMART Link – a real-time, on-press data collection and monitoring system. It works with new and existing Mark Andy, and other presses, found on the converter’s floor and can be accessed through a cloud-based platform on the single machine, production floor, or enterprise level. It helps operation managers to make immediate process adjustments, as well as helps executives make strategic data driven decisions. sMART Link is devoted to label and packaging converters who want to improve press utilization, efficiency, and sustainability

The final presentation will also cover Mark Andy’s current position and portfolio as well as reference market trends worldwide. It will be followed by an open discussion with participants. “We hope that this year’s “The Power of Hybrid Forum 2022” will make up for our absence at Labelexpo Europe and will bring many interesting ideas and solutions to our customers. We invite you to participate in our in-house meeting and – if this option is impossible – to register for an online event” – Lena Chmielewska-Bontron concludes.