Introducing a new 24 hour order-to-customer delivery service at Mondi

February 5, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Mondi is piloting a new customer ordering system at its Świecie plant in Poland. This new service will offer customers the opportunity to place a first time order for a newly designed packaging solution, and have it packed and delivered within 24 hours. This innovation has been introduced to meet customers’ changing needs in order to fulfill their often short deadlines, particularly in the FMCG sector where there is a need for multi color, die cutted packaging. 

How the 24 hour order to delivery service works: 

  • Our plant in Swiecie receives a new order for a packaging request
  • Order is verified at the plant
  • In parallel, the cliché tooling supplier is briefed for preparation of a new tooling set (cliché & die-form) to undertake the new order
  • Once the production is confirmed, the machine is set-up and ready to go
  • The board is prepared and the transport of the final packaging solutions is arranged
  • Once the order is completed, delivery is arranged to the customer within 24 hours.