Inkmaker Group appoints Novasys Group as new exclusive agent for Australia and New Zealand

Inkmaker Group appoints Novasys Group as new exclusive agent for Australia and New Zealand

December 9, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Inkmaker Group has nominated Australian-based solutions provider, Novasys Group Pty Ltd, as its exclusive agent for Australia and New Zealand in the timely run-up to 2021.

Roberto Guerra, CEO Asia Pacific of Inkmaker Group electronically formalised the exclusivity contract with Mr. Ron Craigie, CEO of Novasys Group Pty Ltd.

“This is a great achievement for both parties; Inkmaker Group’s prowess in the fields of ink, coatings, tinting and special applications is widely recognised by leading multi-nationals. Its specialised brands, highly valued for their precision and quality, coupled with their legendary proprietary software, positions Inkmaker Group above the competition. Additionally, with the Group’s acquisitions of Rexson and Vale-Tech in UK, Tecnopails in Italy, and most recently Swesa in Germany and through their loyal partnership, with IEC, IEC+ and GFC Chimica, the Group is a formidable force of expertise and cross-knowledge. Truly a total-process engineering provider,” remarked Mr. Craigie, “with Novasys Group’s leading intelligence of the Australasian market, extensive network and resources, we are confident that this collaboration will see Inkmaker Group’s market share soar here.”

Novasys Group—founded in 1993 in Melbourne—is a leading instrument and machine supplier to the food, wine, paint, print and pharmaceutical sector as well as the textile, chemical, paper, water, environmental and analytical and laboratory Industries. Its superior colour management, process control, quality control and environmental solutions, provide quantifiable cost savings and improvements for increased productivity. Furthermore, the products and services marketed and supported by Novasys Group are widely used for quality assurance applications, production and resource recovery.