In Trying Times, We Must Still Celebrate: Happy Birthday Miraclon

In Trying Times, We Must Still Celebrate: Happy Birthday Miraclon

April 18, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

It may be a time of upheaval for our work and families, but it’s important to celebrate the good things. Miraclon is one year old this month. And the past 12 months have given us so much to be thankful for…

We’ve done it. We’ve hit our first birthday. And despite the fact that this anniversary couldn’t have fallen at a stranger time, we have to remember to mark our achievements. Especially now. In the face of change and uncertainty, coming together to salute successes can work wonders for wellbeing and morale.

Much to celebrate

We’ve been on a tremendous journey since April 9th, 2019, the day Miraclon began trading with a dedicated focus on flexo and what it can do.

We’re hugely proud of the KODAK FLEXCEL NX technology our people have been developing and innovating over the last decade – helping our customers to transform their businesses. We’re also lucky to be part of an industry we’re passionate about, and a professional community we admire, with whom we share so much in common. We’re fortunate that we’ve been able to channel that passion, admiration and energy into building a brand new company with newfound agility and ambition, a company through which we can join with our customers and partners in a singular task: transforming flexo.

Right now, it feels like there’s even more to be thankful for. Firstly, to all our customers who’ve been with us on the journey over the last year, supporting us as we built on our experience and insight to create something new. But more recently, to the individuals in those companies and in ours who are displaying such commitment and resilience in a time of global need, working hard in factories around the world to support the food and healthcare supply chain. It may not be the first ‘essential business’ that comes to mind if you’re not closely associated with this industry, but we all know how vital it is.

I’m also amazed, encouraged and humbled by the innovation and inventiveness of our customers, willing to go the extra mile in challenging circumstances, and finding ways of making a difference in our worldwide battle against Covid-19. Like iFlexo in Colombia, making surgical masks from FLEXCEL NX plate cover film and asking the rest of the customers in the region to send them their cover film waste so they can produce more. And Inflex, in Santiago, Chile, also making masks from FLEXCEL NX plate cover film and donating them to a local hospital in the city. We owe these individuals our gratitude and so much more.

A year in highlights

Although at times it can feel counter-intuitive, we’re still celebrating. Celebrating the trust our customers have invested in our team over the last decade to get us to the point where we could create Miraclon. Celebrating the depth of shared history we have, united by a product that defines the cutting edge of its industry. And celebrating the fact that we’re able to work in the knowledge that our imaging science will continue to drive quality for our customers, benefiting their businesses and helping them to achieve incredible things.

As a result, our business has thrived in our first year. Not only did we successfully complete the transition to Miraclon, but we’re supplying even more plates to a customer base that continue to build volume and new business with their brand clients. We continued to install our industry-leading FLEXCEL NX Systems in every region of the world, and our new plate manufacturing line in Oklahoma went live. We held our inaugural Global Flexo Innovation Awards, honoring 12 companies from around the world, and welcomed more than 60 new employees to the team.

We had our first public appearance as a company, at LabelExpo in Brussels – back when you could hold a major industry gathering without a second thought. The conversations we had there, with customers old and new, were exciting and encouraging even at the time. But viewed from the rocky terrain of our current landscape, the notion of print providers being able to get together to openly share their hopes and concerns for a changing print industry, feels extra special. We’re looking forward to a time when we can do that again, and have our sights firmly set on drupa 2021.

Make a wish

The Covid-19 outbreak is making life challenging for our partners, colleagues, families and friends worldwide. We’re doing everything we can to help, adapting our working practises and putting measures in place to support everyone important to us. This includes helping flexo print providers meet sudden extra demand, by mobilizing products and technical teams to keep our customers’ operations running smoothly. We’re also working hard to keep everyone safe in the process.

We’re still just a few months into a brand-new decade. This is a time to look forward with hope, as part of a supportive community committed to working together to tackle whatever tomorrow brings. Because whatever the challenges, we’ll always have a future of possibilities to focus on.

I look forward to discovering what successes we’ll be looking back on a year from now, when we’re celebrating Miraclon’s second birthday. In the meantime, let’s keep on championing flexo and all it can be. Together.