Hot foil stamping: a very effective way to make a brand’s label stand out in a crowd of labels

Hot foil stamping: a very effective way to make a brand’s label stand out in a crowd of labels

September 10, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Effective product branding on labels and packaging needs to be increasingly eye-catching, original and different from other such products displayed at points of sales. To that effect hot foil embellishment has been growing fast as an application for enhanced brand recognition and product premiumisation.

Once a compelling option for the labelling or packaging of luxury products, such as wines, spirits and perfume, hot foil stamping has been growing fast amongst the variety of available enhancement processes, extending its reach to a wider range of products. The reasons are multi-faceted. Hot foil stamping enables to create graphics that are visually compelling and have a huge impact in improving brand recognition, as well as the perceived quality and value of a product. It can be applied with the same quality results on a variety of different substrates: film, laid paper, textured paper, smooth or rough labelstock. Nearly every color is available, both as metallic or pigmented foils, gloss or matt, holographic, pearly and so on.

Other than the undisputed eye-catching aesthetic appeal qualities, technically the hot foil stamped graphics must be applied precisely in register, have a good anchorage on the substrate, and the process must also bring to the brand owner and the converter the economics needed to be competitive on the market.

The DigiGold digitized hot foil stamping solution devised by BOBST for its range of narrow and mid-web inline flexo and multi-process production lines delivers flawless hot stamping quality and equipment operational efficiency, offering the best combination of fine detail and digitalized set-up and workflow.

DigiGold is extremely flexible and can be added also after installation to any BOBST inline flexo press without the need to make any adjustment. It can be set in a fixed position or fitted as a mobile unit via a dedicated Ready cart on a Flower head print unit. With the DigiGold unit, the hot stamping set up is very fast, easy and repeatable. Production speed, print quality and consistency are also dramatically improved.