Flexo Wash Offers A “Not A Labelexpo” Labelexpo Discount for 2020

September 12, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Every two years during Labelexpo, Flexo Wash offers a 10% discount on Flexo Wash Cleaning Systems. As a way to honor this tradition and help their customers and friends during these uncertain times, Flexo Wash is still offering the discount as part of its “Not a Labelexpo” Labelexpo Discount for 2020. This discount will be valid thru October 15, 2020.

Flexo Wash knows this discount is a great opportunity for their industry customers to make their planned capital investments and begin realizing their return on investment in 2020.  And, as this pandemic has taught everyone in the industry, pivoting and making wise investments is necessary to survive.

Flexo Wash President Patrick Potter realized this immediately, stating that “The world doesn’t stop” during this pandemic and that customers “wanted to get up and running.” Flexo Wash began a full campaign of virtual sales, service, installations and trainings all in lieu of the regular face-to-face meetings. These adaptations have benefitted everyone in the process as it allows for continuous production, all while keeping employees safe.