Flexo Wash Denmark Reports FW Narrow Web EXPO an Online Success in the Print Industry

Flexo Wash Denmark Reports FW Narrow Web EXPO an Online Success in the Print Industry

July 7, 2021 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Flexo Wash Denmark reported a successful first ever live virtual Flexo Wash Narrow Web EXPO that took place from June 21 to June 30, 2021. Originally scheduled for five days, it was increased to eight days due to high demand. There were individual online one-on-one sessions, live machine demos and an online dialogue with Flexo Wash cleaning experts. 

Success was definitely measured by the numbers:

  • 8 days (June 21-30, 2021)
  • Over 50 one-on-one live sessions
  • More than 100 machine demos


With ongoing restrictions on travel and larger events, Flexo Wash wanted to find new ways to showcase their cleaning solutions for the print industry. The solution became a virtual live exhibition for the narrow web industry.

Weeks before the start date of June 21, Flexo Wash went live with dedicated web pages and booking systems. There was an incredible desire to get the “exhibition feeling” back after a whole year without it and still no exhibitions in sight. At the initial planning meeting, Flexo Wash staff declared they would have been happy with five attendees – in total 50 customers signed up.

Preparations were made to make an immersive studio feeling where both agents and customers could go through a unit and see it perform live. Flexo Wash experts were there ready to answer any questions the customer might have.

According to Anders Kongstad, Director at Flexo Wash: “At Flexo Wash we always want to deliver the best solution to our customers. During the past year, when it has not been possible to visit exhibitions, we have begun to think of new innovative solutions not just for our automatic cleaning machines as we always do, but in other aspects of the company as well.”

The other side of the Zoom call

Agent support and promotion caused the event to be extended three additional days.

“A good innovative effort to keep customers well-informed on the range of equipment with latest development and solutions offered by Flexo Wash. A good opportunity for agents as well as both existing and prospective customers to interact with Flexo Wash executives on the same platform. Easy accessibility to customers at all levels to raise their queries and get issues if any sorted out on the spot.” Said Vikyat Hebbar from Scanvik in India and he continues: “In view of current restrictions on travel both internally / overseas such an Expo is the next best viable option for all. Look forward to such an Expo on solutions offered to wide web Flexo/Gravure converting industry.”

A virtual live EXPO like this is unique in this industry and it is a wonder no one has done something similar already, but it takes a crisis to be innovative.

“Flexo Wash has arranged a great virtual event for Narrow Web customers worldwide. As an agent, it is also helping us to demonstrate the working of Flexo Wash Cleaning Machines with Q/A(s) in a live session. We are getting positive feedback from the customers as well. Kudos to the Flexo Wash team!” said Ahsan Javed from Intercom trade services in Pakistan.

The future of Flexo Wash EXPO

Flexo Wash wants to expand on the concept and improve the virtual demo experience, not just during a worldwide pandemic, but also afterwards with a studio concept so agents and clients always the have possibility to get a high-class demonstration without flying halfway across the world.

Area Sales Manager at Flexo Wash, Mette Laursen comments: It has been some really exciting days at our virtual EXPO for the Narrow Web Industry. We have had customers participating from all continents around the world. Customers as far away from us as New Zealand and Bolivia have participated. We are proud of what we have achieved, and we very much look forward to our Wide Web EXPO in September/October. Thank you to all agents and customers for making this a big success”.

The next step is to make a FW EXPO for the wide web industry – both Flexo and Gravure – where it will be possible to view and get demos of some of our bigger automated cleaning solutions that people do not get to see very often.