FBA Releases 2018 Wage and Fringe Benefits Study

January 16, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Fibre Box Association (FBA) announces the release of the 2018 Wage and Fringe Benefits Study.  This comprehensive survey of labor related information provides useful benchmarking data by region and country, and includes information on wage rates and increases (specific job classifications, average straight-time hourly rates), fringe benefits (holidays, vacation time, defined contributions, pension plans, safety allowances and incentive plans) and insurance benefits (life, AD&D, A&S, medical, dental and vision). 

The study is issued annually and is available to participating members only. To view the FBA Wage and Fringe Benefits Study, visit the data services section of the FBA website at www.fibrebox.org.  

FBA compiles the most complete and useful statistical information found anywhere about the corrugated industry. For more information about the statistics offered to FBA members or FBA membership, visit www.fibrebox.org

For more information about participation in the Wage and Fringe Benefits Study, contact Stefanie Dozois at sdozois@fibrebox.orgor (847) 364-9600.