Expanding Capacities in Response to Rising Demand

December 4, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Märkische Etiketten GmbH, a leading German label and packaging converter, has expanded the fleet of machines at its Müncheberg site near Berlin, adding another press from Danish manufacturer Nilpeter. The company was in need of a new system after experiencing steadily rising demand in multiple segments. Add to that high, sometimes very specific, customer requirements, calling for consistent quality and quick turnarounds. “To continue to meet these demands in a cost-efficient way, we decided once more to go with Nilpeter from Denmark, our long-standing technology partner”, says General Manager Henning Schwenke.

Expanding capacities with innovative technology
Having compared different options, Märkische Etiketten opted for a Nilpeter FA printing press for its label printing needs. “Our decision was based mainly on two factors: Our need to significantly expand capacities and our mission to select only the most innovative technologies around in order to further strengthen our market position”, explains Ivo Lambrecht, Head of Marketing and Sales. “The Nilpeter FA is a versatile and highly cost-efficient flexo press that fits in perfectly with our existing fleet. Operators can run the system with ease thanks to its leading-edge user interface and mobile print controls. And the FA is highly scalable: Upgrades can be implemented at any time without much cost or effort. Now we can meet the demands of the market and our customers are faster and better than ever before.” 

The Nilpeter FA flexo press installed at Märkische Etiketten represents an entirely new machine generation launched in 2017. In designing the new model, Nilpeter kept its focus on streamlining machine operation to the greatest possible extent. The result is what the company calls its “Clean Hand” technology. By minimising hands-on machine interaction, the operator’s hands are literally kept “clean”, ensuring safe work practices and enabling intuitive production control. 

Automated features and mobile control
The FA user interface is state-of-the-art, eliminating traditional controls and quick-lock handles from the entire machine. All features can be easily controlled using touch buttons or a mobile tablet. This technology, of particular appeal to the latest operator generation, taps the full potential of streamlined, efficient production processes. The wireless tablet is HTML-based, ensuring instant press reactions to print settings entered. Using multiple tablets, several operators can control different parameters of a job simultaneously.