“EQIM” digiextension now available

“EQIM” digiextension now available

September 12, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Better quality and higher removal rates for standard engraving

The EQIm (Extra Quality Improver) DigiExtension from Schepers is a high-performance software package that completely reinvents the way that laser technology interprets and outputs engraving data. The EQIm module works completely on-the-fly and its intensity and mode hardness can be freely adjusted at the control terminal. There is no need to prepare the engraving data in any other way.

When combined with the latest hardware for the output of engraving data (EgraBox), EQIm helps to produce better quality on standard engravings. It can also help achieve layer-by-layer removal rates that are sometimes much higher while maintaining standard quality.

For example, in some tests, it has produced the same results with a removal rate of 56 µm per layer that would only have been possible with a removal rate of 16 µm per layer in the past.