Duomedia is adding new services

Duomedia is adding new services

April 24, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

To celebrate its 20 years in business, duomedia is presenting a new look and a new ‘duo of services’. A leading international B2B communication agency based in Brussels, duomedia is changing its style and expanding its service offering to reflect and acknowledge the fast moving and changing world of PR and communications. The agency’s services and client portfolio have continued to evolve over the last two decades. Its global reputation is based on flexibility, innovation, and creative and integrated marketing and PR campaigns.

The newly refreshed duomedia look will add inbound marketing services to its portfolio. With strong partnerships with both HubSpot and Lead Forensics, the company will now offer a symbiosis of both outbound & inbound communication services. In other words, ‘a duo of services’ that befits the company name!

Louis De Nolf, duomedia’s General Manager, explains, “The key to any successful business is to never stop researching and implementing new possibilities. Over the years, duomedia has always been ahead in its thinking, providing many innovative services for its clients such as a digital newsrooms, integrated social media campaigns, digital advertising, and online monitors and analytics – long before they became the norm.”

With inbound marketing, duomedia offers a service that enables a business to recognise and collect leads through its website. Businesses can attract qualified prospects and build trust and credibility through meaningful content crafted to discuss current trends and challenges. duomedia sets up this service to guide traffic to a business’s website. The service works in combination with outbound communication channels such as social media activity, direct mailers, newsletters, and digital advertising.

Inbound marketing is a technique for drawing customers to products and services via content. The skill lies not only in creating appropriate content but also in understanding the identity and interest of a diversity of audiences. The strength of inbound marketing is that it creates awareness, attracts new customers, and helps them with content for different channels such as blogs, social media and advertising.

duomedia 2019 – a new look, a new website, and services that fit the needs of the industry. The new duomedia website is built using a transparent set-up and contains new features such as an online translations price indicator. The need for a visual change came because services don’t come in a box. Instead, they focus on their visual identity. The new duomedia logo symbolises both inbound and outbound communication: the blue circle drawing inwards, the orange circle expanding outwards.

A lot has changed according to Louis De Nolf. “We all know that to grow our business, we have to adapt to the changes around us. duomedia continues to adapt, and it was a natural fit and good timing to build inbound marketing into our portfolio.” One of the company’s core skills is the creation and repurposing of technical content. This skill underpins all B2B technology businesses. However, it is the added mix of B2B market intelligence and innovation in communication tactics that makes for a valuable communication partner. Louis De Nolf concludes: “Having these extra skills allows us to build sound communication strategies and create intelligence led campaigns. It’s what enables us to craft quality multilingual content and in the end, it’s what enables us to reach the audiences that our clients desire and require.”