DOW Enters Into Partnership to Launch Recyclable Food-Contact Film

September 19, 2021 Off By Sebastian Reisig

DOW and Bolloré have partnered for a pilot project for using recycled content in new food-contact packaging applications, which can again be recycled after use.

Bollore’s OXBTEC_RCB (Recyclable Circular-Based) barrier shrink film uses Dow’s high-quality circular polymers that are sourced from a feedstock made from 100% plastic waste and are developed using advanced recycling. The pioneering technology breaks down used plastic and then re-polymerizes it into virgin plastic that can be used in new food-contact applications.

This gives a new value to plastic beyond its shelf-life by redirecting it from landfills and incineration. Additionally, the barrier shrink film supports the fight against food wastage by prolonging the shelf-life of food. The product has been granted the BRC accreditation for all its phases, from manufacturing and distribution and has met all hygiene and safety regulations. The advanced recycling processes also come with the advantage of reducing roughly 1.5 tons of carbon dioxide per ton of plastic recycled compared to incineration of un-recycled plastics.