Diego Hervás, new CEO of Comexi

Diego Hervás, new CEO of Comexi

January 12, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

The appointment of Hervás, independent member of the board of the company until now, is a clear commitment to the promotion of innovation and technology
Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the printing and flexible packaging industry transformation, has appointed Diego Hervás as the new CEO of Comexi from 1st January, 2020. Hervás, who was born in Barcelona and has extensive executive experience, replaces Jeroen van der Meer, who had held the position since 2014 and who will continue to be involved with Comexi to ensure as efficient a transition as possible.

Comexi faces 2020 with the assurance that the commitment to a more innovative and technological vision will yield results, together with Intelligent Data Management and active listening with clients. In 2019, after closing the loss-making rotogravure unit in Italy, the company managed to return to profits despite the economic slowdown in the market.

The signs of the flexible packaging sector are good, as shown by the last K Fair in Dusseldorf, held more than two months ago, where Comexi closed the sale of eight machines. Talks were also established for 50 new projects with several global companies.

Throughout the days of the fair, as a novelty, visitors were able to directly test the operation of Smart Glasses, a technology that allows real-time remote communication with the exchange of images between the customer and Comexi engineers. Another global innovation was the Comexi Cloud, the new digital platform that allows analysis of the production process, control and optimisation of costs and materials, and placing orders online for spare parts.

Diego Hervás takes over the CEO role of Comexi in a context in which the market is evolving rapidly and the ability to adapt immediately is essential, in order to remain a technological reference as well as a supplier with the maximum reliability.

For more than a year, Hervás has been an independent member of the board of Comexi. This has given him a broad understanding of both the market and of the structure and operation of the company. In addition, his professional profile is ideal for taking on the task of maximising innovation and the use of technology at Comexi.

From 2018, Diego Hervás held COO responsibility at Plyzer Technologies, a company with branches in Barcelona and Toronto, which specialises in Intelligent Data Management to improve brand positioning and identify client needs.

He previously has held different executive positions for more than fourteen years at Xerox Corporation, where he led the European Graphic Communications Division.
One of the key aspects of innovation to be intensified concerns recycling and the use of sustainable materials. Comexi investigates and applies technology to its production to achieve solutions with less impact on the environment, thanks to the use solvent-free inks to make packaging more easily recyclable.