C&T Matrix improves Diamond Box’s production performance

C&T Matrix improves Diamond Box’s production performance

November 24, 2021 Off By Sebastian Reisig

C&T Channel Matrix (C&T) works with customers all over the UK and even globally, to help them improve production performance, enhance their converting quality, and to provide them with ongoing support.

As with many corrugated converters, Diamond Box, a leading box engineer and innovator based in the UK, experiences challenges with production such as liner degradation, shorter fibres, and thinner liners, all of which can lead to cracking creases and reduced folder gluer performance.

The team at C&T are ideally positioned to help Diamond Box overcome these, and many other, issues. For example, recently C&T introduced CORRUGATE, a specialist creasing matrix that is designed with the challenges faced by corrugated converters in mind. Diamond Box has also realised the benefits of sourcing creasing accessories from one manufacturer and has started purchasing other products from C&T, such as gripper bars and plates for their Bobst 1600 Visions, and Anvil covers for their rotary department.

Howard Mead, Group Commercial Director at C&T commented; “We are committed to providing customers with ongoing support; Diamond Box requires a partner that can react quickly so that they can respond promptly to their client’s requests. For example, when Diamond Box experienced a recent machine breakdown, we gave immediate support, even delivering the required gripper bars to fix the issue by taxi that same day.”

Lee Scott, from Diamond Box, comments “When you purchase from C&T you get a complete package of support and quality that allows us unequalled production performance. The new Anvil covers we recently acquired are very durable, and we have found them to be long lasting and easy to fit and rotate – they give a great surface for our cutters.”