C&T Matrix implements consignment stock/managed inventory system for clients

C&T Matrix implements consignment stock/managed inventory system for clients

August 1, 2018 Off By Sebastian Reisig

C&T Matrix is pleased to announce a new strategy of managed inventory for its larger UK customers. Designed to provide an improved service to UK customers, the consignment policy has already been introduced to a several key customers over the last 6 months. It removes the need for customers to manage their own stock and instead provides them with a consignment stock from which they can take product, as and when needed.

The benefits of this new strategy are that customers do not run out of product and it also reduces working capital requirements within these companies. C&T is able to analyse trends in product usage and increase or decrease the consignment stock accordingly. Product is held at the customer’s premises and is available for immediate use, without the inconvenience of having to order from C&T.

Several key UK die makers, as well as larger box convertors, have already adopted C&T’s consignment strategy and this new policy has been a huge success for all concerned. Customers are invoiced only for what they use at the end of each month, and inventory is then topped up at the beginning of the next month.

Simon Shenton, Managing Director at C&T Matrix said “Inventory management is a big issue for many of our customers. We aim to remove the hassle of having to manage raw material stocks and also reduce the financial burden on our customers. In companies where we have implemented this new policy, we have seen a win/win for both C&T and our clients. We are very open to extending this policy to new customers within the UK and I would urge them to contact us to discuss further.”