C&T  announces it is to sell EasyBender machines in the UK

C&T announces it is to sell EasyBender machines in the UK

January 8, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

C&T Channel Matrix (C&T), one of the world’s leading manufacturers of creasing matrix, will be selling EasyBender® automatic steel rule processing machines in UK with immediate effect. Manufactured by South Korean company, SDS, these state of the art machines will provide die makers with a worthy alternative to other European machinery here in the UK.

EasyBender® R-Pro adds a new dimension to rotary die bending through its multi-diameter adjustability. With the capability to bend rotary rule from 10 to 27 inches inner diameter, this machine provides die makers the flexibility and reliability needed. It features a servo-controlled grip feed system for precision, a robust hydraulic cutting system for strength, and a proven bending mechanism. The EasyBender R-Pro automatic steel rule bender produces the most accurate and fully closed bent pieces possible on an automated curved-rule bending machine.

EasyBender NS2® is a fast, accurate and reliable steel rule processor/bender of precise cuts. Its patented bending mechanism, and single linear process, produces rule that fit the die, every time.  EasyBender NS2 can process and bend 1.5, 2, 3, and 4-point rule, up to 2″ high. It features the latest software and a sophisticated new cabinet design. Other features include; adjustable height notching, cutting and mitering tools, and inline nicking and broaching.

C&T will support UK customers with installation, training and ongoing technical support through its team of industry experts, which includes Stephen Williams. Having spent many years working in both a technical and commercial capacity at Arden Dies, Williams is a highly respected technical sales expert within the UK die cutting and die making industry.