Coveris has introduced a fully recyclable PE film

Coveris has introduced a fully recyclable PE film

October 23, 2018 Off By Sebastian Reisig

The fully recyclable PE film, which is available across a range of Freshtime produced prepared vegetable lines in stores across the UK, provides the similar protective, functional and shelf-life benefits as existing non-recyclable solutions.

Made from polyethylene material, the new PE film is manufactured at Coveris facility in Winsford, UK.

The film will meet specific product requirements with technical performance options including high-barrier, microwaveable and easy-open functions for lap, fin and weld sealed formats.

The packs will also feature the OPRL Recycle with bags at larger stores label.

Coveris said the development comes as part of a continued investment strategy at the site, allowing it to scale up capacity to manage increased demand for high-performance recyclable films, supported by its UK food science capability delivering essential product validation.