Comexi will present its cutting edge technology in lamination and slitting at ICE Europa 2019

Comexi will present its cutting edge technology in lamination and slitting at ICE Europa 2019

March 2, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Comexi, a global supplier of solutions for the flexible packaging sector, will show its latest trends in lamination, coating and slitting, as well as flexo and offset printing at ICE Europe 2019 In Hall 5, stand 1470. The show will be held at the Munich Trade Fair Center from the 12th to the 14th of March, and it will be an excellent opportunity for the company to know the needs of their customers and potential clients. The fair will be a central meeting point for the international converting industry where experts are looking for production and processing solutions with the last technological trends.
For Comexi is especially important in order to get to know first-hand customer needs and challenges in the flexible packaging sector. Jordi Gorchs, Chief Commercial Officer and Rajko Bundalo, the Area manager of Germany will lead the booth, as well as other Comexi team members. “ICE Europe is one of the greatest fairs in the converter sector where we have the chance to explain our high-tech technology in laser application, as well as, holography and new systems of robotizations which allow an increase the productivity. An excellent investment in the sector” highlight Jordi Gorchs.

The company, positioned as one of the leaders in the flexible packaging industry, offers unique solutions to reduce the environmental impact with solventless and water-base applications, as well as the usual solvent-base laminating. Comexi has a complete gama of laminators according to every market need required by costumers. One of our best sellers is the Comexi ML2, a machine which is an upgraded evolution of the Comexi DUAL. This laminator can work with solvent-based, water-based or solvent-free adhesives. It provides a wide range of lamination and coating options, works with materials up to 1530 millimeters wide and operates at a speed of 450 meters per minute. Additionally, it allows for all kinds of coatings and applications such as cold seal, heat seal, ink or varnishes. The Comexi ML2 has five easily interchangeable technological trolleys –gravure with open chamber, gravure with closed chamber, solventless, flexo GL and semi-flexo– thus satisfying all current market demands.
Visitors will have the opportunity to discover for the first time the latest laminating machine developed by the group: the new Comexi ML1 MC, a laminator designed to meet all customer requirements in a highly competitive market, thus satisfying the most demanding needs with the highest efficiency averages. It has state-of-the-art technology and offers enormous versatility to adapt to any application in the flexible packaging sector. It allows for the structural realization of three layers, heat seals, coatings to register as matt or gloss varnishes, cold seal, and laminations without solvents, among many other possibilities. The new Comexi ML1 MC is capable of performing the most difficult jobs with very efficient production averages.

In this sense, Comexi has other laminators, such as the Comexi SL2 and SL3, which offer different options for customers. The Comexi SL2 design, due to its facility to use and its state-of-the-art controls make it the ideal laminator for short and medium runs for a wide variety of materials. It is the perfect solution for solventless lamination. On the other hand, the Comexi SL3 is perfect for every converter who wants to enter the laminating market, combining simplicity and high productivity as an added value.
In the field of finishing, visitors will be able to talk about holographic solutions that provides the converter with an additional benefit of attractive and dazzling designs on the supermarket shelves, as well as anti-copy properties. The Comexi Futura is a versatile machine that guarantees a holographic finish thanks to Cast & Cure technology. It allows the application of Cold-foil, UV lamination and various coatings to give an additional attractiveness to the final packaging, as well as the possibility of lamination without solvents. Do not miss the chance to see real samples in the Comexi booth.

Regarding slitting, visitors will have the chance to know more about the most modern slitting and rewinding systems of Comexi. In recent years, the company has opted for innovation and the development of slitting equipment that offer high added value such as laser technology, labelling and robotization systems.
Our customers will also have the opportunity to deepen in Comexi’s laser system, which allows converters to differentiate themselves from the competition quickly and easily, providing a multitude of applications, such as easy open systems, the creation of windows, micro perforations or the insertion of codes. All this brings an additional benefit to the customer, making life easier for the end consumers of the packaging. This laser processing system can be integrated into any of Comexi slitters. It is a key technology that makes a difference and optimizes production following the demands and trends of the market. It is characterized by control, precision and speed, and allows customization, differentiation and performance of a wide range of applications and finishes.
Robotization systems allow converters to save time and improve results. Minimization of slitter shutdown times and automation of slitting processes, such as changing blades, taping and positioning of cores, among others, are possible. Additionally, it is possible to automate the steps after this process, such as labelling, transporting or palletizing, with robots connected to the slitters, gaining more time.
During the fair, Comexi will also show the double turret Comexi S1 DT, an all-round machine, which completes the most demanding jobs successfully. Thanks to its top-of-the-range control and automation systems, it handles thick laminates and multiple narrow reels -labels- efficiently and quickly. It also works with slippery or hard-to-handle materials. It is a slitting machine with a double turret rewinding system, offering excellent quality and productivity, even for the most demanding jobs.