Christiansen Print achieves new excellence in CI flexo printing with SteppedHex

June 13, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Zecher´s longstanding customer Christiansen Print was more than convinced by the SteppedHex engraving: Boosting efficiency and saving costs while at the same time optimizing print quality. With the extensive use of the SteppedHex engraving technology, the packaging manufacturer from Ilsenburg stands out as a pioneer in the industry. Christiansen Print is highly regarded as a leading company in the European Preprint market for superior quality printed corrugated cardboard packaging. Driven by the pursuit of excellent solutions, the company ventured a technological system change in central cylinder flexo printing and, with Zecher SteppedHex anilox rollers, implemented a new standard for the future. With conventional hexagonal 60° engraving, Christiansen Print had to in parts print “linework” or “screen” separately, making it necessary to change anilox rollers in order to cater for different applications. With the Zecher SteppedHex engraving things have changed. This special engraving is characterized by a unique and in particular offset arranged cell geometry. Based on the known 60° angle, it consists of a combination of three consecutive conventional cells and allows for the combination of previously separate printing plates. Thanks to this clever cell geometry, Christiansen Print has succeeded in simultaneously printing “linework” and “screen” with one and the same anilox roller. Where before three different screen rulings were necessary, they can now be combined in just one specification.

By reducing specifications, the company achieved an entirely new process standardization. “We now benefit from less anilox rollers in use, fewer change-overs and less transport, a firm assignment of inking units and the reduction of set-up times and washing cycles. SteppedHex anilox rollers save us valuable time and in addition, reduce our costs,” reports Björn Vorlop, project manager at Christiansen Print. At the same time, the higher 460 L/cm resolution of the SteppedHex engraving achieves a substantial improvement in halftone print quality. Furthermore, ink consumption is minimized, as this anilox engraving also supports a better and more consistent emptying of the cells. Christiansen Print were able to significantly reduce their ink consumption compared to the previous year and inherently, to reduce costs. Thanks to the Zecher SteppedHex engraving, they also benefit from a particularly homogeneous ink transfer, a smooth doctor blade movement and easy and optimized cleaning of the anilox rollers after use. Due to their comprehensive switch to Zecher SteppedHex engraved anilox rollers, Christiansen Print achieved an overall performance optimization in CI flexo printing. The company are not only successfully maintaining but are furthermore expanding their market position through excellent print results and significant cost reductions.