Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2024

Brückner Servtec at Chinaplas 2024

February 8, 2024 Off By Sebastian Reisig

At Chinaplas 2024 in Shanghai, BoothH62, Brückner Servtec presents brand new local service solutions such as audits, enhanced spare parts stocks and certified clip and chain refurbishment to increase the availability of existing film stretching lines according to the motto “in China for China”. Further new features and modules of the Brückner ONE digital service platform are shown which boost and simplify equipment maintenance for higher availability.

Brückner Servtec with Brückner Group China offers comprehensive services for customers in China and provides support with digitalization solutions:

Complete Clip & Chain Workshop portfolio with FOK 5.5.8 and FOK 8.8 systems

Introducing the latest achievements in Brückner Group China Clip & Chain Workshop: With FOK 5.5.8 and FOK 8.8, the newest types of roller and sliding chain systems have successfully onboarded in certified high-quality refurbishment in Suzhou. This development marks a significant step forward, hence our customers in China benefit from sophisticated, prompt, and efficient services. The Suzhou based local workshop now offers refurbishment of almost all clip and chain types. At Chinaplas, Brückner presents appropriate overhaul and refurbishment solutions for all different types of sliding and roller chains, including chains for other biax production lines.  

Brückner’s expertise combined with state-of-the-art high-end tooling and a variety of additional options at the workshop, such as

  • fast track clip and chain refurbishment
  • chain track inspection during the overhaul period
  • free parts inspection or
  • roller chain monorails on stock

minimize downtime and ensure long-lasting availability of the film production.

Growing spare parts stock in Suzhou

Brückner Servtec introduces a completely new spare parts warehouse in China to reduce lead time. The warehouse contains selected parts and components of all types of biaxial oriented (BO) lines, thus ensuring the fastest possible availability of spare parts.

Local audit and service team for China

Brückner Group China will strengthen its local service competence in 2024 by doubling the manpower for a higher service coverage. The experts provide on-site assistance with various aspects, such as troubleshooting, upgrades, and line relocations.

New features for web-based Brückner ONE solution

Debuting at Chinaplas, Brückner Servtec will introduce the brand-new and innovative Brückner ONE modules e-learning and helpcenter, which not only offer multi-language step-by-step instructions for all current Brückner ONE modules, but also provide self-learning videos on technical components and tasks of the film stretching line, enabling Brückner ONE users to independently resolve technical challenges. Additionally, Brückner Maschinenbau’s maintenance, production, and analytics modules will be available for preview.