BOBST’s SPEEDPACK helps BOURQUIN to achieve the next stage of its evolution

BOBST’s SPEEDPACK helps BOURQUIN to achieve the next stage of its evolution

November 17, 2021 Off By Sebastian Reisig

The Swiss-based company began life as a straw husk manufacturer in the 19th century, before starting a corrugated cardboard factory at the beginning of the 20th. Now, it is a comprehensive supplier of packaging solutions to 15,000 customers across the e-commerce, pharmaceutical, medtech, wine, brewing, industrial and graphic sectors.  

BOBST believes in evolution too. The company supplies equipment and services to BOURQUIN as well as other packaging and label manufacturers in the folding carton, corrugated board and flexible materials industries all over the world. BOBST prides itself on keeping ahead of the latest trends in packaging by listening to its customers, understanding what they need and being able to propose solutions of the highest possible performance. 

This similarity in company philosophies explains why BOURQUIN and BOBST have had such a long and successful partnership. BOURQUIN bought its first BOBST machines all the way back in 1972 – the BOBST Autoplaten SPO 1575 EEG with a two-colour Flexo 1575. Ever since, the two companies have maintained a strong relationship based on mutual trust and understanding.  

“The connection between our two companies is more than a simple customer-supplier relationship,” explained Luis Manuel Luis, Production Manager at BOURQUIN’s Couvet site. “We are partners. BOBST listens to us; they understand what we need and they go out of their way to find tailored solutions that will work. Just like we do for our own customers.”