Aspen Press & Packaging expands with PCMC flexo press

May 15, 2022 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Green Bay, WI-based Paper Converting Machine Co. (PCMC) and Hudson-Sharp have made significant contributions to Aspen Press & Packaging’s new flexible packaging division. Based in Salt Lake City, the packaging company has installed a 10-color, 52-in. Fusion C flexographic printing press from PCMC and two Ares 400-SUP stand-up pouch machines from Hudson-Sharp.

“The purchase of this state-of-the-art flexible packaging equipment will enhance and extend Aspen Press & Packaging’s ability to offer its clients a more robust and wider range of solutions for their packaging needs,” says Scott Robbins, president-Aspen Press & Packaging. “The equipment is built and supported in North America, and the manufacturers’ proximity to us was important.”