Amcor innovation wins with consumers, customers and the FPA

Amcor innovation wins with consumers, customers and the FPA

March 25, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

Amcor works with the world’s leading brands to conceive, build and commercialize innovative, increasingly sustainable and recycle-ready packaging that wins with consumers and industry experts, alike.

This year, Amcor celebrates two gold and six silver Flexible Packaging Association (FPA) Achievement Awards with five customers: MITG, Predilecta Sacciali, Cargill, Full Moon, and Tyson.

“It’s exciting to be recognized for developing and producing new, leading packaging formats for our customers in food, pharmaceutical, and home- and personal-care,” said Amcor Chief Technology Officer William Jackson. “It’s even more exhilarating – as sustainability becomes an increasingly important design feature – to offer innovative products, services and processes that create winning outcomes for our customers, consumers and the environment.”

The FPA Achievement Awards have been showcasing industry innovation and advances that have changed the packaging industry since 1956. For recognition in expanding the use of flexible packaging, technical innovation, sustainability, printing and shelf impact, and packaging excellence, this year’s nominations included more than 200 entries across 73 package samples; delivering only 48 achievement awards across 30 packages, including:

MITG package with Insura™ Seal Verification secures Gold Achievement Award for technical innovation

Insura™ is an innovative seal-verification technology designed for medical device packaging. This real-time, non-destructive visual indicator of seal quality is imbedded into a sterile barrier system to deliver a blue color that is generated only when chemistry, heat and the right contact are present to indicate proper seal conditions.

“What makes this technology so exciting is the ability to confirm seal strength in real time,” said Jackson. “Then, through ETO sterilization, the color is reversed so there is no visual difference for the end-user.”