AICC Launches New Customer Service Seminar

August 22, 2019 Off By Sebastian Reisig

AICC, The Independent Packaging Association, has opened registration for Customer Service Skills, a new seminar, to be held Wednesday, October 23- Thursday, October 24, 2019, at The Westin Chicago Northwest in Itasca, IL.

This two-day training course covers customer service communication skills and key organizational skills for those who are on the front line with direct contact with customers. Teams that interact directly with customers must have a skillset and mindset to meet and exceed the customers’ needs. If a company can effectively manage these relationships, it can secure delighted and devoted customers.

The first day, attendees will hone their communication skill, including how to deliver bad news, handling customer complaints, and improve listening skills. The second day will help customer service professionals learn to leverage communication and process improvement skills to build stronger and more productive relationships with all departments within the company. The second day will also help attendees get organized. Topics will include organizing the workspace and computer files, project scheduling, and time management skills as well as how to prioritize activities.

Suzy Cummins, Next Gear Consulting, will facilitate the seminar. She is a versatile team leader and problem solver with 30 years of operations experience in the paper packaging industry. Cummins has a diverse background in customer service, quality and process improvement, lean manufacturing, HR, Safety, and policy development. She builds cross-functional teams, demonstrates exceptional communication, and models critical decision-making skills. As a systems thinker, she is able to lead and teach with an awareness of a strategic macro view, and the judgment to dig into the details as needed.