A New Look for a Legacy Engraved Die Company: Universal Engraving Unveils Brand Refresh

A New Look for a Legacy Engraved Die Company: Universal Engraving Unveils Brand Refresh

December 22, 2020 Off By Sebastian Reisig

If you’re a regular visitor here at the Universal Engraving website, you no doubt noticed several changes! We recently rolled out a new logo and a completely revitalized web design.

This brand refresh affirms our commitment to our tried and true core values by maintaining a visual connection to our foundation, while showcasing that we are adaptable, innovative and an on-trend industry leader. Our family-owned company is dedicated to creating solutions to help our customers achieve efficiencies heretofore unimagined. These include UniLock-Up®, Econofoil® 2mm and the SpeedChase®.

The updated Universal Engraving logo reflects this balance of foundational values and forward-thinking innovation. It retains the familiar navy and gold colors but incorporates a bolder, modernized typeface and increased negative space. The subtle nod to the former icon has been invigorated with speed and global reach.

Our rich history has taught us that it’s imperative for companies to stay true to their core values and beliefs while maintaining a passion for refreshing their brand. In refreshing our own logo, we’re leading by example.

A bigger change is the new Universal Engraving website. The responsive design and optimized speed lets you quickly and securely access the site on the go or at the office, making it an invaluable resource. It offers a centralized source of product information and inventive solutions. Like the logo, the site also has a fresh and modern new look.

If you’re used to reaching Universal Engraving through UEIGroup.com instead of UniversalEngraving.com, you will also notice a big change. Previously, UEI® Group and Universal Engraving shared the same website. Now, they each have their own unique website, with the UEI® Group website better reflecting its position as the parent company of Universal Engraving, Infinity Foils, UEI® Falcontec® and UEI® Systems. The new site makes it easy to reach each division for all of your foil stamping and embossing needs. You can also read about the history of our family-owned company.

Universal Engraving has the rewarding experience of engraving new and wonderful designs on a daily basis for customers all over the world. With our new logo and website, we took the opportunity to make something new for our own brand. We hope it’s an inspiration and a motivation for others to do the same. The world continues to get a lot smaller, which means companies and brands are competing in a global market for the consumer’s attention.

Foil stamping and embossing uniquely offers designers, marketers and brand managers the tools to create, authenticate, and embellish their products and packaging to compete in this new world marketplace. Universal Engraving will continue to be the leading hot stamping and embossing die manufacturer, and as such our future is very bright and shiny!